Office furniture when moving often requires disassembly. If you plan to organize an office move by your own efforts, first determine what furniture will have to be disassembled. Usually this is done if the furniture is large and does not fit in the doorways or is not intended to be carried in assembled state. The more compact the property to be moved, the less likely it is to damage walls, doorways, elevators. The second thing you need to take care of is packing. Stock up on the necessary packing materials in advance: stretch and bubble wrap, sheets of cardboard, tape and a set of tools. In order not to waste your last nerve on the move, I advise you to contact the best moving companies staten Island.


Office desks

Office desk should be disassembled into its components: a tabletop, “skirt”, legs, and then unscrew the fittings. Next, pack the table top and “skirt” in bubble wrap, and one of the ends of the glue cardboard. Make an envelope out of the bubble wrap, pack all the fittings in it and attach the envelope to the table leg.

Office cabinets

Remove all the shelves from the office cabinet and pack them in bubble wrap. Next, remove the handles and other fittings and also pack them in bubble wrap and then attach them to the end of one of the removable parts of the cabinet. If the cabinet doors contain glass, be sure to remove them and pack them in bubble wrap and cardboard. Wooden doors do not need to be removed, but should be wrapped tightly with stretch wrap to prevent them from opening during shipping. The base, bottom, and top of the cabinet are better protected by additional sheets of cardboard.

Office chairs and armchairs

Office chairs, as a rule, do not require disassembly, the main thing is to pack them well so as not to damage and stain them in transit. To do this, use stretch film.

Armchairs made of leather and leatherette deserve special attention. They should be packed in bubble wrap. Wrap the chair completely in film in several layers, protect the legs with cardboard.

Office chairs can be put one on several pieces, and then wrap the stretch film in several layers.

Following the basic rules of disassembly and packing furniture, you can transport office property without damage and dirt!